The purpose of the Shoreline Athletic Conference (SLC) is to provide an administrative organization through which the member schools can establish coherent policy for the operation of seasonal interscholastic athletic competitions through a league format.  Bylaws, individual sport rules and tournament guidelines are all part of the conference Athletic Directors administrative duties. The SLC considers athletic competitions to be an extension of the classroom curriculum. The Shoreline Conference is the oldest standing athletic conference in the state dating back to the 1930’s.  Sportsmanship is a point of emphasis in our competitions. Guidelines for sportsmanship should be clearly displayed in all gyms and codes of behavior should be read before all competitions where applicable. 

SLC Spectator Expectations

1. Respect decisions made by contest officials.

2. Refrain from taunting, booing, heckling and the use of profanity in any manner.

3. Sit in the designated area assigned to each school.

4. Leaving a contest prior to its conclusion, with expectations of returning, may not be permitted.

5. Admission to this contest is not a license to verbally assault others or to be generally obnoxious or offensive.

6. Respect athletes, coaches, and fans.

Be a Fan... Not a Fanatic!